Tuf Cooper Takes Over Heel-O-Matic Periscope


This week Heel-O-Matic hosted its first #TufTakeover as WNFR Qualifier and World Champion Cowboy, Tuf Cooper, commandeered the company’s Periscope account for the evening. What resulted was an entertaining and authentic live broadcast from Tuf including a couple of wind sprints, some roping tips, sage advice and even a little cameo from Roy Cooper.

If you aren’t familiar with Periscope, just yet, it’s a relatively new social media platform that was acquired by Twitter in March, and allows you to broadcast live video from your phone to your followers. You can also see where the broadcast is coming from, show a little love by tapping the screen to add some hearts and engage with the broadcast by posting comments and asking questions. Currently, one of two “major” players in the apps for live broadcasting, Periscope is getting some serious traction in and out of the pro sports world. Even Dale Earnhardt Jr. has dabbled in Periscope broadcasting. The other app, Meerkat, actually launched before Periscope but had its access to Twitter revoked when Twitter acquired Periscope, which seems to have put Meerkat a smidge behind.

TufCooper_HOMperiscopeOver the past several months, Heel-O-Matic has been making a concentrated and effective effort to engage with ropers and fans via social media platforms. After seeing Tuesday’s broadcast from Heel-O-Matic’s Pro Team Member, Tuf Cooper, we had to visit with them to see what was up!

They told us that they have seen their social media engagement really take off and has been a marked contributing factor in improving brand awareness. Success they attribute to using social media like their audience does, like they’re all friends – and a part of that continued strategy is bringing in their Pro Team members to help tell the stories.

Heel-O-Matic chose to dive into live broadcasting with Periscope (rather than Meerkat) because of Periscope’s affiliation with Twitter. Already having a strong twitter audience, it just made sense to reach out through Periscope as their Twitter followers would easily be able to access this new experience with Tuf. Heel-O-Matic noted that everyone is always wanting to talk to Tuf, or talk to Cesar, and that Periscope offers a great way for people to get that experience.

If you didn’t catch the first broadcast, don’t worry! Heel-O-Matic is already planning more “takeover” type broadcasts with the tech savvy members of their Pro Team roster! To make sure you don’t miss it be sure to follow them on Twitter and download the Periscope app.

The take-away here is that the ability to put live video with immediate interaction right in the palm of rodeo fans’ hands is going to be valuable in a number of ways! As a committee or contestant there is an opportunity to enhance the rodeo experience and provide added value to both sponsors and fans. In an age where people are experiencing ultra-personalization and unprecedented access in other areas of their lives, it’s important to leverage new ways to personalize their experience with the sport of rodeo. Be that authentic inside looks at athletes daily lives and getting some roping tips, or sharing their own favorite rodeo moments at your event.

The best advice when it comes to Periscope is to do what Heel-O-Matic has done, and follow the same golden rule when it comes to any new social media platform: check it out, log on and see what people are up to, and join in!

Let us know >>> Have you already joined Periscope? What has your experience been? We’d love to follow you to see what you’re up to, so let us know your handle in the comments below, or send us a tweet!

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